There are more than 9,000 dies in our die house.
Cutting-edge technology is used for Die production. We support our customers throughout the die production process with low tolerances by using CAD/CAM applications.


We can conduct anoziding process up to 20 µm and lenght of 7,000 mm in standard and special colors with Qualanod certificate.

Powder Coating

Our powder coating facility is a Power and Free conveyor system and controlled by PLC automation.
Our facility has Qualicoat and Seaside certificates. Profiles in all RAL colors and special colors are produced in line with customer needs and demands. Since we are sensitive to the environment, we prefer that organic solvents-free as surface chemicals that do not harm the environment.
Profiles up to 7.300 mm long can be painted in our electrostatic powder coating facility.


We provide services to our customers not only with profile production, but also with processed or finished products with the latest CNC and mechanical processing centers.

Precise cutting is made up to 5 mm with a tolerance of ± 0.1 mm.
• Angled cuts can be made from 350mm to 6100mm in double-head saws.
• Drilling, unloading and die-cutting processes can be conducted in eccentric presses
• CNC milling and unloading processes can be conducted

Profile processing can be conducted up to 6,100 mm in CNC machinery.


Magmett offers various packaging solutions according to customer needs and demands.
• Serial packaging of profiles of different types and lengths
• Automatic one-by-one packaging
• Packaging in special dimensions upon customer request
• Product-specific packaging application
• Special labeling and barcoding in line with customer demands
• Mounting external accessories to the finished product