Aluminum Profile

Magmett supplies the industry with continuous and high quality raw materials through contracts with different primary metallic silica producers and spot markets.

Magmett provides premium quality aluminum profiles in various alloys made “Made by Magmett” with thickness ranging from 0.8mm to 125mm and profile size varying up to 14300mm, in various sand blasted anodized, powder coated finish, subject to alloys and other specifications at best prices.

There are 5”-10” inches of presses in our extrusion line. Alloy type and press line is preferred based on the profile sections. The production can be conducted with special alloys such as EN AW 6060,6063,6463,6005,6082.
6013, 6005, 7xxx.

A skilled manpower and a dedicated management team ensure that its products are to satisfy every customer for its end use.